Abdul Rasheed Siddique

Programmer, Developer & Analyst

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Servicios: Hello I have more than 20 years experience in software development and graphics development on Microsoft, Linux and IRIX Platform, Web Technologies and Graphics Technologies. Programming Tools: • PHP • ASP • Cold Fusion • Visual Basic • .Net • Java • Android Studio • PhoneGap - Unity - Javascript - React / React Native - FreeSWITCH Area Focused: - Animation - Programming - Mobile Applications Development - Software Development My skills are perfectly tailored for this job. I am working as Developer/Programmer since 20+ years. I understand the programming norms and qualities required. I have done major courses in Masters in Information Technology. P.S.: We do not work on violent-game/video (except Islamic, educational & clean)/music/dating/x-rated/poker/gambling/insurance/interest-based financial website. Regards, Abdul Rasheed

Conocimientos: I am working on different backend developmental languages from 1995, though 2.5 years extensive experience on 3D & 2D Graphics on SGI softwares - Time by time shifted as per requirement - From Visual Basic 6.0, Cold Fusion Markup Language, ASP, PHP, .Net, and long time work on Codeigniter for client in Michigan USA - I work for him on every type of project short-term, long-term, upgrades, fixes etc. I work on Mobile Application Development as well on Phonegap, and now React - Lastly working on AWS on some project hosting and upgrade code as well -

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