Kiran Pala

Consultor IT Freelance

Gipuzkoa, España

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Kiran Pala

Consultor IT Freelance

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I can provide IT consulting services, also can freelance as a researcher in computational learning in cognitive aspects,Psycholinguistics,Computer Problem Solving, Introduction to Cognitive Science, Advance Cognitive Science, Natural Language Processing, Cognitive Neuroscience, Cognitive Neurophysiology, Artificial Neural Networks.

Conocimientos profesionales

Tools: Weka, GATE, CRF
Matlab for signal processing and analysis,
PRAAT for phonetic analysis,
SPSS for statistical analysis,
PsychoPy for psychological experiments,
Eye-tracker for trace the eye-ball movement,
Audacity for signal recording,
RAPTOR for programming design
Languages and Scripts: C, JAVA, PERL, PYTHON, VC++, Javascript, PHP, JSP
Servers: Tomcat, Apache, Http
Databases: MySQL, SQL,
Packages: VB, .NET
Operating Systems: Linux, Windows, Cent, Suse
IDEs: Netbeans, Eclipse, Visual Studio etc.
Others: Libraries and tools used for research, especially those meant for Natural
Language Processing.

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