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Sevilla, España

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Julio Quintana

Developer FullStack

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Specializing in programming languages like PHP 5.x + (understood as laravel Frameworks, personally develop my own boilerplate for delivering Agile projects), Asp Classic, I am passionate javascript libraries like jQuery and all plugins. Actively dabbling in Vuejs. Extended in HTML5 and CSS knowledge, specializing in the use of Bootrstrap Twitter. Interested rapid generation platforms nodejs applications.

Project Manager: Agile development methodologies through Trello tool with functions that caters scalable resolution Tickets to Scrum methodology (strategy of incremental development) or Kanban (Kanban is the catalyst for change through small incremental improvements an existing process). With extensive knowledge based development versions with control systems such as Git, based on cloud tools like Github and Bitbucket (by Atlassian).

Designer relational database in 1st, 2nd and 3rd grade; Design understood robust SQL queries.
NoSQL like as Firebase.com

Integration of third party solutions. Implementation of concepts and practices (ITIL) service management of information technology development of information technology and related operations generally the same tables as software through the management of tickets for groups of applicants areas and resolutoras areas.

Suitable to work on the basis of modeling agile practice based on a methodology and software documentation

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HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, Nodejs Vuejs Firebase

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