Javier Mora Chacón

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Tarragona, España

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Javier Mora Chacón

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I am an analyst programmer, and software developer. My background is in computer engineering focusing in software development.

All my life I was interested in science, math, and computer science. I had my first computer when I was a kid, an old Spectrum Sinclair with 128KB of memory. I tried to make my first program in Basic Language with this machine.

Nowadays I develop software, mobile applications all within the Microsoft framework, IOS and Android. I have specialized knowledge in Java, Objective-C, PHP, ASP, Visual Basic, C#, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, SQL and the most current languages and frameworks. I am self-taught and sometimes a little stubborn, but I think that this characteristic helps me solve any computer challenges I might face.

I take the opportunity of solving challenges to be as creative as possible. It is rewarding for me not only being able to find new ways to solve problems, but knowing that I am helping people by doing so. When possible, I also really love being sociable and communicative while working. I have learned that this is important for developing a successful workflow within a team.

It is essential for me to always motivate myself and take the initiative to discover new ways of working as a software engineer.

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Java, C/C++, C#, JavaScript, PHP, HTML5, SQL, Node.js, Angular.js, CSS3, MySQL, Oracle, MongoDB, Android development, IOS development, Ionic, PhoneGap, Visual Studio, SQL Server, etc.

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